Just a small visual piece…

Her tail sashayed over the surface, causing little ripples to move throughout the dark blue water. She looked up at the sky, painted pink as the sun hid its bright light, hiding behind the moon’s white glow. She placed herself warmly back onto the fragile shells that lay beneath her, all joined together in a beautiful shape, cuddling her babies deep within their structure.
The moon illuminated the white of her skin in the night, making her body glow as if in some magical land.
She saw him way off in the distance, balancing on one leg as he dipped his beak into the darkened waters of the sea. His head reappeared moments later, a silver fish squirming its body, writhing around within his clasped beak. He caught her eye line and gently made his way over, each foot taking time with its rise and fall. He made it mere feet away but stopped, still in his tracks as she rose her neck in warning.
‘Not another step,’ she channeled to him with her big brown eyes.
He stared back into her face, his head cocked to one side. The fish’s restraints had lessened now, a mere jerk of the body at intervals as it gasped for breath. His beak opened a fraction as he tossed the fish towards her. She caught it daintily in her mouth, chewing delicately before swallowing her last mouthful.
He grinned. She smiled.
She shifted her position, rising slightly and he looked down at where she had lain. The moon’s rays danced ethereally along the egg’s smooth, white surface and he beamed as she repositioned herself, placing her warm feathers on top of it.
She was beautiful in his eyes, a true mother, protecting their child, giving it her warmth until it was time to find its way into the world.
His child would soon be born and he could not wait. Giving one last glance towards his family, he turned around, eyeing the tepid waters beneath him as he ducked his head under, catching another fish for her to eat.



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