The Journey Begins

Too many people in this world are told they cannot achieve their dreams and too many people listen to what they are told.

I have been told all my life by those closest to me, siblings/parents that I cannot write. Apparently I am not a writer and I have no talent for writing.

I begin stories, I write poems, I write film scripts, songsĀ  I write and write and write but then I always give up. I hardly ever finish a piece because that little nugget of failure screams out to me.

You can’t do this! You are not good enough.

But persistence is key, and I have never fully given up. I know I can write and I know I am good. It doesn’t stop the negative voices in my head. They will always be there but hopefully with this blog I can prove to myself and to anyone else that I can write.

Don’t give up on your dreams. I am 29, nearly 30 and it has taken me this long. I gave up on too many dreams that I will never get back but now I persist.

This is me. I am a writer and I want to share my words with you.

Delve into my world, feel the magic and beauty and become a free spirit like me!


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